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I am an artist and curator who runs college art galleries and enjoys making connections and prompting conversations across disciplines. I employ a variety of techniques, materials, and mediums in my studio practice, including printmaking, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, and installation. For the past decade, my work has coalesced around two major interests:


Informed by a multitude of travels around the world and a recent seven-month sabbatical in Lisbon, Portugal, my work considers what it means to be a wanderer and what can be learned—or, more importantly, what cannot—by leaving one’s comfort zone to explore other places. Is it true, as writer Alain de Botton posits in The Art of Travel, that “what we find exotic abroad may be what we hunger for in vain at home”?  Drawing on the sketchbook images, photographs, and writing I produce while traveling, as well as from the writing of Fernando Pessoa and others, my work considers the role of the traveler, the relationship between nature and culture, the interconnectedness of the human story, and the impact of history on the landscape.


I am interested in ambiguity: how you can't always be sure what you're seeing at any given time and how our lives are filled with many more questions than answers. Under these conditions, we search to fix meaning by identifying and naming what we see. I am particularly interested in ambiguity and fluidity as it relates to gender. My paintings and objects examine--and attempt to dismantle--societal notions of gender as fixed and binary through the use of gender-laden symbols, marks, and images that are disrupted, layered, entwined, and partially occluded, creating ambiguous spaces where multiple meanings/identities can exist simultaneously.