July 22 - August 20, 2011

Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA

Baggage is what we carry when we travel, and what we bring to relationships. Baggage contains belongings and our emotions. It gets dragged, lugged, carried and shipped from place to place. It can take many shapes and hold many things. The work in this exhibit responds to the theme in both literal and metaphorical ways.

The diverse and dynamic exhibition includes sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography from the following 25 artists:

Aparna Agrawal

Milcah Bassel

Harry Bernard

Merilee Bowers

Wendy Brusick

Alyana Cabral

Andrea Cabral

Deborah Carlson

Donna Catanzaro

Emily Corbato

Kate Doyle

Virginia Fitzgerald

Fran Forman

Caron Gonthier

Chrystee Governo

Jacqueline Henry

Jennifer Jope

Grace Koshinsky

Michael Kurgansky

Susan Lirakis

Charles McGill

Filipe Miguel

Susan Post

Stephanie Silvi

Hollianne Wood-Carruthers