August 27 - October 5, 2012

Beard & Weil Galleries, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Sitelines brings together five women artists working in a range of media—collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, and artist books—who are breaking down or reexamining the landscape using unconventional lenses. Whether dismantling, abstracting, fracturing, diagnosing, or morphing the land in their work, these artists capture the ever-changing and fluid nature of our earth, inviting the viewer to enter into unfamiliar spaces or embrace shifting vantage points. Vacillating between the real and the imagined, the serene and the sublime, the works comment on the human impact on nature and present a range of untraditional responses to the scenic view we all seek.

Elizabeth Alexander

Ellen Driscoll

Kysa Johnson

Kyong Ae Kim

Elizabeth Mooney

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